Campus Education

  • The program trains undergraduate and graduate students to provide social skills, case management, and therapuetic support to adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.
  • Program staff offer training to departments and organizations around campus to assist in recognizing the symptoms of an ASD, determining how these symptoms will impact students the department or organization serves, and identifying the best methods for working with these students.
  • While UA-ACTS does not serve all students on campus with an ASD diagnosis, we are available to consult with any UA personnel who need assistance addressing a specific concern regarding a student with an ASD diagnosis.

Community Training Programs

  • UA-ACTS personnel will provide teacher in-service trainings and parent workshops to assist in preparing students for the transition to college.
  • Training includes the following topics:

The difference between high school and college accommodations

Typical difficulties experienced by individuals with an ASD at the college level

Methods for addressing these difficulties at the college level

Ways to prepare middle and high school students for college

  • UA-ACTS personnel also offer consultations with other colleges or universities seeking to establish similar programs at their institutions.