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Family Support and Resources

West Alabama Resource Guide

West Alabama continues to grow as more resources are brought to the region. However, many communities still lack access to these resources, which remain limited compared to other regions across the state. The rural nature of the counties that comprise West Alabama along with the high rates of poverty throughout the region make it even more difficult for many families to access resources needed for daily life. The purpose of this resource guide is to provide families in West Alabama with information about the resources that are available to them and how to access these services.

This resource guide was compiled as part of a community outreach project through the University of Alabama Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic with financial support provided through the Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama. The collective mission of these organizations is to strengthen and support families in West Alabama through promoting a Protective Factors framework to improve family functioning and resilience. One important part of the Protective Factors framework is accessing Concrete Support for families under stress or in need. Thus, knowing where to go for assistance with locating help when in need of food, shelter, clothing, and health care is important. Other concrete supports include access to services that can help families and parents navigate crises such as domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, and parenting concerns. Thus, this resource guide provides families with information on how to access resources required to navigate daily needs and respond adequately in crisis situations.

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